Success Factors in Web 2.0 Learning Systems, Pt. 2


Success Factors in Web 2.0 Learning Systems, Pt. 2

Success Factors in Web 2.0 Learning Systems, Pt. 2“What’s in the workflow is what gets used,” the McKinsey Quarterly writers of “Six ways to make Web 2.0 work” tell us.

In the past, technologies like LMSs often simply succeeded the tools employees used to perform tasks. So the use of Web 2.0 and collaborative learning systems and work communities became simply another mandatory task. The fact is that Web 2.0 technologies have a better chance of enhancing creative and collaborative learning systems when incorporated into a user’s daily work schedule.

Appealing to users’ egos and needs (rather than just rewarding monetarily) is also an important aspect of successfully incorporating Web 2.0 technologies into learning systems. “A more effective approach,” the McKinsey authors write, “plays to the web’s ethos and participants’ desire for recognition: bolstering the reputation of participants in relevant communities, rewarding enthusiasm, or acknowledging the quality and usefulness of contributions.”

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