LMS Survey Respondents Cite Simple E-Learning Creation for Ordinary User


LMS Survey Respondents Cite Simple E-Learning Creation for Ordinary User

Coggno Inc. | Jul, 29 2009

More learning management systems are focusing on making e-learning course creation more accessible for the ordinary person.

As company budgets take a hit from the recession, and finding reliable in-house IT support becomes less cost-effective, it’s critical that training and other e-learning objectives are possible to maintain without outside help.

Coggno is one e-learning solution that continues to show that although an LMS is a large and complicated tool, it does not need to be complicated to use.

Coggno has recently collected the responses from a customer satisfaction survey, whose purpose was to gauge customer sentiment, as well as the top issues expressed by users.

High marks for Coggno included ease of upload of curriculum, simple adding of new learners, and ease of reporting. According to the survey, Coggno’s LMS was reported to be very user-friendly and straightforward. Respondents noted fast uploading from spreadsheets, as well as fast reaction times.

Dynamic and simple course creation tools such as text and video, quiz, question bank, text and video tools, template, assessment, and SCORM publishing tools are some features that Coggno offers to make course creation simple, efficient, and even pleasurable.

Another positive response was regarding Coggno’s pay-per-use business model, which ensures that all e-learning courses and training programs stay fresh, and do not become outdated or irrelevant. Companies and schools are able to create and deploy content on an as-needed basis, providing convenient and cost-effective e-learning solutions.

Course creators and administrators maintain full control over their learning material. Coggno allows course creators to create personal development courses and brand their own learning content, customizing it for in-house purposes and comfortable for deployment inside a user cluster.

Creating and incorporating videos using an LMS can transform lessons, activities and even entire courses. Coggno’s simple format allows video creation with just a few clicks, making it accessible for any user. And other relevant tools in Coggno’s toolkit offer a check-and-balance system. In other words, learning content featured in videos can be checked for understanding using other course features like quiz and assessments.

According to the survey, privacy was another important factor. Coggno’s system does not require administrators to send invitations, but rather allows access based on a secret code.

Coggno’s user-friendly, flexible, straightforward user interface is a breeze to navigate and users are walked through every step of the course creation. The whole idea of e-learning courses hosted on learning management systems is centered around convenience and usability for all users–including and especially the students themselves.


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