Sustainable Online Courseware Technology


Sustainable Online Courseware Technology

Sustainable Online Courseware Technology How far will we go for conveniences like text messaging and online courseware? According to a recent BBC article, Bolivia is cursed with yet another coveted raw material: lithium. Some consider lithium a key to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Already lithium carbonate aids us in other daily activities, be it conference call or an online courseware study session, since it’s used in laptop and cell phone batteries.

However, world lithium dependence could ultimately reach the same dim fate of fossil fuels: the systematic pillaging of third world countries for the (unsustainable) benefit of first world systems and luxuries. Will the majority of Bolivians reap the benefits of education with online courseware, or better communication with cell phones? No.

Solution: Bolivia begins a state-run lithium plant, and Bolivians themselves might for once reap the benefits.

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