Social Networking’s Greater Purpose in Learning Systems


Social Networking’s Greater Purpose in Learning Systems

For the past year or so, educators in various parts of the world have been getting prepped on how to use social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Bebo as part of their learning systems. A report was conducted for Childnet International and was funded by Becta, the U.K. government body for technology in education. It suggests that while educators may be using social networking services themselves, most fail to recognize the educational potential for their students.

But what’s the point of integrating social networking sites into online and classroom learning systems? Well, experts say that young people are more likely to learn social skills from their friends or classmates than from any formal instruction or support from adults. However, as social networking sites work their way into LMS learning environments and classroom learning systems, they may serve another purpose. Students can use the sites to collaborate on projects, discuss lessons, and work in teams.

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