Textural Tools for Textual Content: Easy as Baking a Pie


Textural Tools for Textual Content: Easy as Baking a Pie

Coggno Inc. | Nov, 27 2010

LMS Textural Learning: Easy as Baking a PieAs I suggested in last week’s blog, failed training initiatives–which squander organizations’ time and resources–are often due not only to the quantity or length of the training, but also to their texture. I touched on a few phenomena related to the quantity of training and their effect on employee turnover as well as performance management. But how can LMS training texture make or break your company training program?

Although you’ll surely want to expose your employees to hands-on training via simulations and other LMS online tools, you probably have a great of deal of information to share with trainees. In the transfer of all this information is where empathy and texture/resourcefulness figure in.

First, empathize with your employees. What are their daily schedules and routines? Do any of your employees have lengthy train, auto, bus, or bike commutes to work? Do any of them work out at the gym, enjoy jogging or cooking? Knowing about your employees’ hobbies is not only key for good management and building trust between management and employees, but it can also help you to design training that fits easily into their day-to-day lives.

Second, be resourceful. One medium that fits like a glove into everyone’s daily lives are podcasts and other audio information. Audio is a fantastic way to deliver large chunks of material. In particular, podcasts are simple to create, produce, and share with learners, and don’t require any special hardware to listen to them. LMS online training platforms like Coggno include a simple Apple Podcast Producer as part of its pack of user-friendly course creation tools.


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