The Best Ways of Communicating Safety Messages

The Best Ways of Communicating Safety Messages

The Best Ways of Communicating Safety Messages

Rochelle van Rensburg | Jul, 30 2019

The importance of safety messages

Safety is very important in every organization. This is more so, in industries and factories where workers face many risks. The law requires that every company should take adequate safety measures for employees and more importantly convey/display safety messages to employees at every step to educate them. This is important to ensure that no one is hurt in an accident. It also helps companies avoid lawsuits and other problems because of accidents. Safety messages are very helpful to ensure safety in the workplace. Displaying clear messages informing every one of the safety precautions and the importance of safety is a good way for an organization to show its commitment to safety.

Conveying safety messages to employees ensures that everyone knows about potential safety issues. It also ensures that people take precautions. All these would reduce the risks of accidents and workplace injuries. The question then would be how an organization can communicate safety messages to employees. Let us discuss the answer to this question.

Communicating safety messages

Safety messages can help to convey information related to safety. The organization must create safety messages for workplace, and communicate them to everyone. Here are some ways of how to improve safety awareness in workplace with messages effectively:

1) Safety training

This is the foremost way of communicating safety messages. A training program is helpful and employees would benefit from it. Training helps to convey the safety message in a structured, organized and efficient way. Training can be through classroom sessions or online safety training programs. Online programs are beneficial as employees can complete the program at their convenience. It also helps the company save time. A company can offer a safety program of its own or use standard programs.

Online training providers like Coggno offer workplace safety training courses. These courses are well-designed programs that cover all aspects related to workplace safety. The program design ensures compliance with most legal requirements. Undergoing such an online course helps an employee to understand the importance of safety and safe practices at work. The main benefit of this program is that it creates awareness about safety.

The HR department of the company can browse through the list of safety courses offered by Coggno. They can then select the courses(s) helpful for their employees and then encourage them to complete these courses. Apart from basic safety issues, these courses can help in designing safety measures and procedures in an organization.

2) Safety meetings

Regular meetings on safety help reinforce the importance of safety. The meetings can discuss instructions on safety, details of safety precautions, and safety procedures. The meeting can discuss reports on safety. The management should encourage employees to share their feedback and experiences. The company must allow employees to give their suggestions on improving safety in the organization. This motivates employees to participate. It also ensures improved safety in the organization.

3) Newsletter

A newsletter in the form of a magazine would be useful in communicating safety messages. It may also be prepared as a bulletin board in the workplace. It can have one page on safety with safety precautions and important information like what to do if there is an accident, first aid measures and so on. This helps to reinforce the importance of safety.

4) Posters

Posters are one of the most effective ways to communicate any information. The organization can design safety posters. The workers can do the design on their own. Encouraging workers to design posters helps to involve them in the safety process. This motivates them to participate in safety activities. This makes the process of communicating safety messages more effective. A well-designed poster helps in communicating the importance of safety. Using cartoons and symbols will help even an uneducated worker understand safety messages.

5) Work training

This is training at the place of work while doing work. When workers are using equipment and machinery, the supervisor can explain how to use the equipment correctly. The supervisors can explain about accidents that could occur, safety precautions to take, and how to report any safety issue. Apart from the regular training, this training done during work will be very helpful and effective.

6) Suggestion box

One of the best ways to implement safety measures is to ask employees for suggestions. Since they work with machinery, they know what problems can happen. They would also be happy to give suggestions to improve safety measures. Most employees hesitate to give suggestions in meetings. Allowing anonymous suggestions using a box is a good way of involving employees in workplace safety.

7) Safety reward programs

Rewarding employees who provide the most valuable safety suggestions is a good way of promoting workplace safety. Rewarding supervisors with zero safety incidents and employees who follow safety procedures perfectly are good ways of promoting safety.

All of the above measures help communicate safety messages to employees. This ensures awareness and reduces safety incidents and accidents in the workplace.

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