The Future of Learning System Games, Pt. 3


The Future of Learning System Games, Pt. 3

In 2002 John Chambers, then CEO of Cisco, stated his enormous hopes for online learning systems. “Education over the internet is going to be so big,” he said, “it’s going to make email look like a rounding error.” According to a Radicati Group study from August 2008, there are about 1.3 billion email users world wide. That makes a little more than one in every five people on earth.

But despite the overly optimistic predictions of online learning system pioneers, it’s still exciting to muse about the educational possibilities of games like Spore and Second Life. It reminds me of IGN Australia’s comment about Spore, an early proof of fun online learning system potential: “It [Spore] will make you acknowledge just how far we’ve come, and just how far we have to go…”

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