The Global Challenge Learning System, Pt. 1


The Global Challenge Learning System, Pt. 1

The Global Challenge is an online science learning system for pre-college school students (ages 14-17) from all over the world. The project brings high school students together to engage in an interactive and truly global learning system, forming teams with international counterparts in other countries to work towards a solution to mitigate global warming.

The model for the Global Challenge project had a number of influences, including not only DeLuca’s epiphany about the state of the US job market and learning systems but also ideas from the Partnership for 21st Century Schools and the George Lucas Foundation’s Big Ideas for Better Schools.

Besides the excitement of the competition, there are other incentives. Top performers are awarded college scholarships of up to $5,000 once they enroll in a science- or math-related major. Since its founding in 2005, about $200,000 in scholarships, travel, and summer study have been awarded to over 200 students from ten countries.

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