The Great Expectations of LMS Courseware Developers


The Great Expectations of LMS Courseware Developers

In Mark Simon’s article, “E-Learning NO How: 7 disastrous decisions sure to sink any e-learning implementation,” he describes some common mistakes made by online courseware developers getting ready to deliver their course via an LMS. One pitfall he notes is the failure to set concrete deadlines. “Forget what you’ve heard about the wondrous self-paced, self-controlled nature of e-learning,” he writes. “If you want your learners to complete the course, assign a completion deadline.”

Another important aspect of LMS course delivery is obtaining management support. Although it would be nice to think that all LMS learners have enough self-motivation and spare time to study and complete your online course, most case studies suggest that this is an educator’s pipe dream. A much greater number of people will complete the course if they believe their manager or upper management is backing the initiative.

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