There’s No “I” in LMS, Pt. 2


There’s No “I” in LMS, Pt. 2

There's No As educators and businesses steer their students and employees toward 3D web collaboration, many users may wonder why phone calls, LMS chat boards, and VoIP conferencing aren’t enough. When handled well, what makes 3D tools better than an LMS for teamwork?

When paired with audio capabilities, the 3D world provides a spatial environment that enhances the sense of working as a team. For example, the placement of avatars in a virtual world and the ability to organize multiple, simultaneous conversations lends itself to group collaboration and a feeling of “togetherness.” In addition, the arrangement of objects within the world creates a natural context for group activity and conversation.

The fallbacks? 3D web is still in its infancy. While big companies and some universities begin to dabble in its collaborative and economic capabilities, for the rest of the world the LMS still has a gigantic one-up.

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