Thinking Green with LMSs


Thinking Green with LMSs

Thinking Green with LMSsCloud computing won’t only carry positive effects for online courseware learners, LMS students, and internet users in general, but it offers vast potential for the environment and impoverished nations as well. If people are able to access all software services in the cloud, the necessity for the newest computer models will disappear–any old computer with internet access will do.

The demand for other equipment like external hard drives will also decrease, as people simply reach into the cloud to access their data. Companies ranging from LMS and courseware companies to internet providers will be prompted to reform their policies.

Thinking “green” may suddenly shed its superficial catch-all status, and the computer industry might be forced to confront the end of its lightning speed production and dumping of e-products. Web 2.0 programs as well as LMSs and online education are already a big part of this slowly growing anti-waste revolution in the electronics industry.

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