Three Benefits of Adding Online Training Apprenticeships to Your Online Training Courses

online training apprenticeships

Three Benefits of Adding Online Training Apprenticeships to Your Online Training Courses

Rochelle van Rensburg | Aug, 17 2020

Digital apprenticeships offer a rare opportunity for corporate learners to attend training with experienced professionals. Better yet, they can expand their skills and abilities from anywhere in the world, whenever it is most convenient. Apprenticeships in online training courses can also involve branching scenarios, simulations of online training, and other online training events.

The primary objective is to help individuals to grow and learn in their chosen field and to reach their professional goals. Here are the top benefits of online apprenticeship training, followed by three valuable tips on how to use them in your online corporate training courses

1. Provide a wide range of tools for online training courses

Employees have access to a range of online services from immersive simulations, and serious games to virtual presentations. You can sign in to the learning management system and access product information, task tutorials, and skill-based simulations immediately. Essentially, they get personalized online training they need, whatever their preferences or learning needs may be.
Several online training apprenticeships are even going mobile, which allows for greater flexibility. 

2. Reduce the costs of training

Organizations have to pay for travel expenses, accommodations, and rental fees for the site in typical apprenticeship training programs. Online training apprenticeships remove all these expenses by making it possible to access everything online. Organizations don’t even have to pay for written training materials since all of the training content is on the online training course.

3. Overcome geographical constraints

Industry experts aren’t located centrally in one region of the world. So, how do learners get the information and experience they need firsthand? The solution is online training apprenticeships which do not depend on geographical limitations. 

To stay in touch, learners can use web conferencing software, mobile messaging apps, and a range of other online platforms. Sites like Google Groups, LinkedIn, and Facebook take online training apprenticeships to the next level – staff can contact a multitude of professionals who can share their knowledge and experience. 

online corporate training courses

Tips to integrate online training apprenticeships in online training courses

1. Include Online Self-study tasks

Although the relationship between mentor and mentee is an integral part of online apprenticeship training, employees should also be able to train on their own. In fact, “autonomous practice” is one of the main factors of the Apprenticeship Learning theory. It includes online self-assessments, as well as immersive online training activities that staff can perform whenever their schedules allow it. 

Employees may also return to these self-paced practices as a refresher, as well as expanding their awareness. Equally, mentors can review the materials and find areas for improvement. As an example, they may recommend articles or corporate eLearning videos to an employee wanting to improve their skills.

2. Using practical scenarios to offer real experience in the world

Realistic scenarios enable employees to perform real-world tasks in a risk-free environment. Students can see how the skills and expertise are used in the process; thereby, the knowledge is placed into perspective. 

This also encourages them to practice every step of the process to improve their technique. Scenarios and simulations online should be practical and based on detail. All components of the task need to be included, including sub-tasks and ideas, which make the process more effective. These simulations may also be used by mentors to assess their performance and to recommend additional online personal development training activities or resources.

3. Connect learners with an online mentor

A lot of staff also need one-on-one help from their sector expert. This is the person to whom they turn when they have a question or need more knowledge about the job. 

Online mentors can communicate with learners through online conferencing platforms, social media, or instant messages, to name a few. Traditional apprenticeship programs include face-to-face mentoring sessions, but thanks to modern technology, corporate learners can still enjoy the same advantages. 

Successful online training apprenticeships rely on active participation and intrinsic motivation. At the end of the day, both the mentor and mentee must participate in the process, understand their roles, and need to be doing it for the right reasons. 

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