To Elicit Excellence, Provide It: The Golden HR MGMT Rule


To Elicit Excellence, Provide It: The Golden HR MGMT Rule

Coggno Inc. | Sep, 30 2010

A simple rule of thumb for HR management: provide and expect the best in your employees. In order to motivate staff and ensure that your employee turnover rate is low, follow this golden rule, which could actually be applied to all human relationships.

If you treat your employees as highly motivated and engaged people, that’s what they’ll be. The best teachers we have in life are those who bring out the best in us. How do they do it? By simply acting as if that’s who we are–the best versions of ourselves.

Provide great training, and don’t shy away from adding an element of enjoyment. Game-like training not only teaches, but engages as well. But of course, this depends on the system. Choose an LMS that allows your training to be interactive and enjoyable, with tools like videos and simulations, real-time recording and podcasts, along with the standard exam and quiz tools.

Another way to motivate employees and decrease employee turnover is, as I have written before, creating effective performance reviews. Take the time to do them, but be sure to make them a space for real dialogue.

Before the performance review, make a list of pluses and minuses that you perceive in your employee, and bring it to the review. Go over the pluses first and win over your employee, then diplomatically go over the negatives. Truly listen. Suggest solutions to problems employees might be having, letting them know that they have your support.

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