Top 3 Skills Your Social Media Team Must Have


Top 3 Skills Your Social Media Team Must Have

Erica Caramol | Aug, 14 2016

When asking business professionals what the top 3 social media skills a company’s team must have 15 years ago, the answer would be very, very different. As our society, business, cultures, and much more has evolved with the technological developments up to 2016, the competitiveness of our companies has become more of a struggle. As the reality of our evolving society sets in, companies slow to embrace this change find themselves labeled as dated, irrelevant, and very soon, out of business.

This is where the role of your Social Media Team is essential.

Identifying the top skills for this department to ensure your company’s success is key. From there, you can identify whether your company will remain competitive or not. Regardless of whether you are on the brink of implementing a Social Media Team at your workplace, or your company brand needs a revamp.

Here are the top 3 skills your Social Media Team must have.

1. Visual Thinking

It is no secret that the majority of those working under communications or marketing focus on writing skills. Perfecting the relationship between consumers and companies is their job description; this mission is completed through verbally shared information, both written and auditory.

SproutSocial shares, “A study from Fractl and Buzzstream found 21% of social media users would unfollow a brand if the content shared was too repetitive or boring.

In order to keep your followers engaged and to be an effective social media manager, you have to consistently come up with new and creative initiatives and campaigns. Whether it’s a fun Facebook contest, brand partnerships or entertaining videos, think of ways to stand apart from the millions of other users on social media.”

However, technology has drastically altered the way companies communicate, advertise, share, and interact with their target audiences. Companies who have failed to embrace this reality are the ones that find themselves no longer competitive. This is where this must-have skill comes in.

Visual thinking, by definition, is described as, “Being a great writer was formerly a key characteristic of many social pros, as being able to coherently write in 140 characters isn’t as easy as it appears.

Today, with every social network embracing visuals and multi-media, being able to represent the brand visually is absolutely critical. This is a real challenge for many community managers who come from the PR/communications side of things, and all of a sudden need to be quasi graphic designers.”

In addition to classic communication skills, it is essential that your advertising and marketing team can utilize technology to communicate visually.

2. Community Management

Even though most of the communication will be done visually as opposed to verbally, that does not excuse Social Media Teams of 2016 from connecting with the communities within their target audience.

The company Convince and Convert shares the data related to the management responsibility, “Understanding what works, what might work, why it might work, and under what circumstances is a major differentiator within the social media professionals ranks.

Those that are constantly thinking about data and metrics, tying social outcomes to company outcomes are those that will ultimately succeed as social becomes integrated into larger business functions.”

It is key for Social Media Teams to identify this information, followed by solidifying their UGC (user-generated content).

Social Media Teams have a lot of content to consider within their profession. From their company data to the target audience, there is a lot of information that goes into the team’s target audience. It is essential for all team members to understand data and connect it back to their consumer communities to be effective in their work.

3. Able Learn Technology Quickly

This final essential skill is no surprise following the previous two. As we’ve mentioned the constantly evolving business frontier, Social Media Team members not only need to be fluent in today’s most profitable technological assets, but ready to master tomorrows.

Forbes elaborates on the importance of this skill, “The key is to become an early adopter and spot emerging social media platforms before they’re mainstream. By the time everyone else jumps on board, you’ll already have an established presence and won’t have to fight for a piece of the pie.

Brands like GrubHub, Karmaloop and Taco Bell were some of the first businesses on Snapchat and each have led the charge on the social media app.”

When businesses find themselves falling behind in the constantly-evolving world of marketing and social media, it can be extremely overwhelming. Technology has drastically changed how companies communicate, advertise, and remain competitive in any market. And technological developments show no signs of stopping.

Luckily, here at Coggno, we are here to help. A team of experienced professionals from a plethora of departments, we work hard to become experts in these ever-changing areas so you do not have to.

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