Material Handling and Storage Courses and Certification Online

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Material Handling and Storage Courses and Certification Online

Anjali Dalal | Sep, 5 2023

Top 7 Material Handling And Storage Certification Online: Your Path To Safety And Efficiency


If you’re in the industrial sector and prioritize safety and efficiency in your operations, you’re in the right place. This blog will guide you through the top 7 material handling and storage certification courses available on Coggno. 

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Top 7 Material Handling And Storage Certification Online Courses

Below are the top 7 material handling and storage certification online courses available at Coggno.


Materials Handling And Storage Course

The safety of material handling is the main focus of this 17-minute course. It empowers participants to: 

  • Identify potential hazards; 
  • Implement injury prevention methods; 
  • Master the proper techniques for machine handling. 

Ideal for all employees across diverse industries, this course provides a certificate upon successful completion. It’s available in multiple languages, including English, Japanese, and Spanish.

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Materials Handling And Storage Awareness Course

The worrying number of accidents, ranging from minor injuries to fatalities, is addressed. This 9-minute training equips participants, particularly workers, with:

  • Safe material handling methods; 
  • Types of materials handling equipment; 
  • Basic ergonomic safety and health principles. 

Upon completion of this English course, participants receive a certificate.

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Stacking And Storage Practices For Construction (US) Course

In just 12 minutes, this English course guides learners to prevent: 

  • Materials handling accidents, including cuts, back injuries, crushed hands;
  • Fatalities 

It helps participants: 

  • Identify potential hazards associated with materials handling; 
  • Grasp effective injury prevention methods

Upon successful completion, learners receive a certificate demonstrating their commitment to safety in construction.

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Flammable And Combustible Liquids V2.6 Course

Under OSHA’s guidelines, this course ensures uniform requirements are met to evaluate and communicate the hazards associated with flammable and combustible materials to workers in U.S. workplaces. 

After this training, personnel will thoroughly understand handling such substances safely. It lowers the likelihood of mishaps. It’s available in English with certifications upon completion.

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Warehouse Safety Awareness Course

Despite their unpretentious exterior, warehouses can become dangerous because of the objects, machinery, and vehicles within. Those working in or visiting warehouses are the target audience for this 13-minute training course.

The objectives of the course include: 

  • Safe material handling; 
  • Proper lifting techniques; 
  • Working safely around loading docks and conveyors 
  • Adhering to vehicle and equipment protocols; 
  • Emergency prevention and preparedness; 
  • Routine warehouse maintenance. 

Offered in English with certificates, this course prioritizes safety. It also allows users to bookmark progress for a more secure warehouse environment.

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Warehouse Safety Course

This course emphasizes warehouse-neglected vulnerabilities. The duration of this in-depth English program is 37 minutes.  

Course objectives encompass: 

  • The identification of safe material handling and storage procedures; 
  • Recall of safe lifting techniques; 
  • Understanding safe practices around loading docks and conveyors; 
  • Recognition of correct vehicle and equipment protocols; 
  • Knowledge of emergency prevention and preparedness steps; 
  • Listing routines for maintaining a secure warehouse.
  • This course comes with a certificate upon completion and a bookmark feature.

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Materials Handling Practices For Construction (US) Course

Materials Handling Practices For Construction (US) Course

The significance of using materials handling equipment correctly and ergonomically is emphasized in this short, 9-minute lecture.

The course objectives include identifying various materials-handling equipment types like:

  • Cranes; 
  • Rugged terrain lifts; 
  • Telehandlers; 
  • Powered industrial trucks. 

It also covers the requirements for their safe usage. Participants will also recall fundamental ergonomic safety and health principles. Also available in Spanish with certificates awarded upon completion, this course suits all construction industry employees. It also has a bookmark feature.

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Why choose Coggno?

Some of the reasons for choosing Coggno are: 

  • Comprehensive Course Catalog: Coggno boasts an extensive catalog of material handling certification courses, covering various aspects of safety and efficiency in handling and storing materials.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Coggno’s user-friendly online platform makes the learning process smooth and hassle-free.
  • Flexible Learning: Life is busy, and Coggno understands that. Their courses are designed to accommodate your schedule.
  • Industry-Approved Content: Coggno’s material handling courses are authored by experts and are compliant with industry standards and regulations.
  • Certification That Counts: Completing a material handling course with Coggno is not just about gaining knowledge; it’s about earning a certification that holds weight in the industry. 
  • Safety First: Material handling involves risks, and safety is paramount. By choosing Coggno, you are prioritizing safety in your workplace.
  • Supportive Community: Learning can sometimes be challenging, but with Coggno, you’re never alone. Coggno provides 24/7 customer support.
  • Cost-Effective Learning: Quality education doesn’t have to be expensive. Coggno offers competitive pricing for its material handling courses.
  • A Path to Advancement: Many employers actively seek candidates with certifications. And Coggno’s standing in the field may lead to new chances.

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Bottom Line

Investing in material handling and storage certifications is a wise choice. So why delay? Take steps now by enrolling in the certification program that aligns with your requirements.

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