How Digital Change Is Transforming Online Training Course

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How Digital Change Is Transforming Online Training Course

Rochelle van Rensburg | Aug, 7 2020

Corporate Online training course are an incentive to provide the employees with additional skills or a chance to revisit all that they need to do their job and, in certain situations, to check important regulatory and legal boxes.

Most of the time, online training courses and Continuous Personal Development (CPD) incentives are provided by third party suppliers. The training typically takes place away from the workplace or in another space, designated for training and other activities. It’s an opportunity for the team to get away from their day-to-day activities and inbox stresses.

Employees view business management training courses as a way to share time together, do something fun, and get to know each other better. All of these are strong arguments for continuing to invest in business management training courses. Teams benefit from the activities and exercises and, as a result, organizations achieve ROI at the workplace.

Nonetheless, business management training courses conducted in a conventional manner is not necessarily the most successful approach to train your staff.  Through eLearning courses and training applications, you can offer instruction to your employees without disturbing work, and learners can connect with what they need in a flexible manner, in a way that is comfortable for them, on tablets and smartphones, adapting their learning into their work and other responsibilities.

3 Approaches to re-imagine business management training courses

Online corporate training courses encompass a broad variety of topics, from continuing CPD and regulatory micro-learning and accredited learning tailored to promote job development, to a number of other educational initiatives at the workplace.

Applying the impact of digital change to business management training courses provides an exciting range of possibilities to enhance the experience of learners, training suppliers, and managers. Instructor-Led Training (ILT) is no longer the only alternative.

Here are a few approaches to re-imagine the workplace training environment for a new generation of learners.

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1. Gamify the learning objectives  

Individuals in the workforce naturally compete with each other. Employers have leveraged this knowledge in virtually every situation where a performance-based compensation scheme enhances productivity. Why not do the same thing with your business management training courses? 

Utilize eLearning applications, smartphones, and web-based Learning Management Systems (LMS) to incorporate a point structure that rewards training success. Rewards may be anything from in-game points and other digital rewards to a manager’s praise, a badge, or a correlation to learning and job advancement (e.g. promotion or bonus).

If you ensure you make progress and results clear to anyone taking part and safeguard against cheating, then with the correct software, gamification can enhance the learning outcomes and learner experience of your business management training courses. 

2. Try blended learning

Hybrid or blended learning is another approach that proves to be successful in retaining information. The goal of every online training course is to generate a long-term ROI, which ensures that the beneficial effects should occur for months beyond the conclusion of the instruction.

For blended learning programs, team leaders can mix Instructor-Led Learning (ILT) with courses that can be done on an iPad, micro-learning programs focused on LMS, or visual instruction. This not only decreases the amount of time invested with the facilitator, but it also improves the versatility of the training being conducted. Employees could complete a few modules on a lunch break or on a trip.

3. Off-site microlearning

Microlearning modules are typically designed to check existing regulatory or compliance boxes. This is a very popular learning model, for example, in the financial and legal fields. Micro-courses don’t  require an immense amount of time, so customer or client details or information are not required to complete the online training course, which ensures that it would be easy to offer these everywhere.

Nevertheless, if some sensitive information is required to complete the training, learners can always access it from any computer, given that they do so using a protected virtual private network (VPN). Instead of a project member pinging an email to access software and tapping into a micro-course, learners can launch the app and work through quick tutorials when prompted by a push notification. You could also set alerts to guarantee that the modules are finished by a certain date to ensure that your personnel is consistent with the regulators.

When it comes to business management training courses, interactive applications and technologies offer businesses the opportunity to think outside the box. Consider conventional challenges with innovative, modern approaches. Give your employees innovative opportunities to learn fresh and better perspectives and instructional programs that suit their lifestyle and work-related activities. With a little creativity, there’s no end to what you might bring to your organizational training initiatives.

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