Mastering Safe Transportation of Lithium Batteries: A Comprehensive Online Course

Mastering Safe Transportation of Lithium Batteries

Mastering Safe Transportation of Lithium Batteries: A Comprehensive Online Course

Anjali Dalal | Jul, 19 2023

Transportation of Lithium Batteries: Enroll in Our Comprehensive Online Course

In our rapidly digitizing world, lithium batteries have become the unsung heroes powering everything from our laptops and cell phones to electric cars and even aircraft. 

As the demand for these energy-efficient tools escalates, so does the need for safe and compliant transportation practices. 

However, transporting lithium batteries is not as simple as packaging and shipping. Strict regulations guide their safe movement, especially by ground (49 CFR) and air (ICAO/IATA), to prevent potential safety hazards.

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Why Lithium Battery Safety is Critical

According to Dan Kurtz, Executive Director – Recycling, Waste Connections, lithium batteries caused 66 out of 70 fire incidents in Columbus MRF in 2022. These incidents show that the risks are real, and mishandling can lead to serious accidents, regulatory fines, or even loss of lives.

And to mitigate these risks, proper training is essential. 

It is where the comprehensive online training course developed by the renowned experts at Currie Associates, “Safe And Compliant Transportation Of Excepted Lithium Batteries By Ground (49 CFR) And Air (ICAO/IATA) 2023,” comes into play.


Deep-Diving into the Course

This course serves as a comprehensive guide, offering critical insights into the complexities of handling and transporting lithium batteries. It demystifies the labyrinth of lithium battery transport regulations, presenting them in a user-friendly format.

The curriculum covers various types of battery technology, from Lithium Ion Cells & Batteries to Lithium Metal Cells & Batteries, offering a comprehensive and practical understanding of these essential power sources.

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Who Should Attend?

Transportation of Lithium Batteries course is designed for a broad range of professionals, including shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, and dangerous goods employees, who handle, offer for ground or air transport, or transport excepted lithium batteries within the U.S.


  • You’re a novice looking to grasp the basics; 
  • A seasoned professional keen on staying updated with the most recent changes in the industry; 

This course has you covered.

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A Look at the Regulatory Standards

The course is fully updated to meet the regulatory training standards set out in 49 CFR, Part 172, Subpart H, and the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), Section 1.6. 

Participants can be assured that they get the latest and most accurate information.


Mastering Safe Transportation of Lithium Batteries


Detailed Modules and Topics

The course dives deep into various topics crucial for anyone involved in the transportation of lithium batteries. 

The course covers it all:

  • Classifying lithium batteries; 
  • Understanding test summary requirements; 
  • Getting a grip on complex regulations and their exceptions 
  • Grasping different rules for domestic and international shipments. 

Furthermore, the course keeps learners up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes, keeping them compliant.

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Why Choose Coggno as Your Training Provider?

Coggno is a premier training provider thanks to its unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality learning solutions. 

As a leading online marketplace for training courses in the USA, Coggno is trusted by H.R. departments, organizations, and employees nationwide.

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Features and Benefits of Transportation of Lithium Batteries Course

The course packs a wealth of knowledge into a concise timeframe of 45 minutes, making it a highly efficient learning solution for busy professionals. 

Upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate – a testament to their enhanced understanding and knowledge of safe lithium battery transportation.

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In our tech-driven world, lithium batteries are everywhere. So, the ability to handle and transport them safely is a non-negotiable skill. It’s not just about following rules while transporting them. But it’s also about understanding the reasons behind them and ensuring everyone’s safety.

The “Safe And Compliant Transportation Of Excepted Lithium Batteries By Ground (49 CFR) And Air (ICAO/IATA) 2023” course offered through Coggno is a step in that direction. It’s not just a course – it’s your path to becoming a trusted expert in lithium battery transportation.

So why wait? Visit Coggno today and power up your knowledge with this comprehensive course.


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