Twitter vs. Facebook: The Race for Corporate Learning Systems, Pt. 1


Twitter vs. Facebook: The Race for Corporate Learning Systems, Pt. 1

Coggno Inc. | Mar, 24 2009

Even with its recent “facelift,” Facebook will need to keep a watchful eye on microblogging sites like Twitter in the race for attention in the business world, and inclusion in corporate training systems. Companies like Salesforce, Best Buy and BusinessWeek have now incorporated Twitter postings into their revamped websites and products.

Facebook has made sweeping attempts at redefining its functionality–mirroring Twitter, in fact–with status updates now serving as the main page. However, companies that have jumped on the web 2.0 bandwagon are trying out the latest fad–activity feeds via Twitter and other microblogging sites–in their LMSs, learning systems and marketing schemes.

BusinessWeek is using a Twitter feed in its social hub, Business Exchange. Members can create profiles and comment on stories. Comments are displayed as part of a stream and story URLs are automatically shortened. While media sites like have incorporated Twitter updates indirectly through Facebook Connect, BusinessWeek‘s direct inclusion of Twitter side-steps Facebook–a new phenomenon in the corporate world.

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