Understand the Main Function of an HR Department with Human Resources Certification Programs

Understand the Main Function of HR Department with Human Resources Certification Programs

Understand the Main Function of an HR Department with Human Resources Certification Programs

Rochelle van Rensburg | Jul, 17 2019

Human Resources Certification

If you are in the HR profession, then you would want to upgrade your skills and also have an additional qualification. Even if you are in not in this profession, but want to have an extra qualification you can consider doing an HR certificate program. A certificate program on Human resources would help you understand what Human Resources Development is, how it works, and what are the functions of HR in an organization.

These programs would help you understand the importance of HR in an organization. Even an entrepreneur starting a business can undergo this program as it would help him/her manage employees in a better way. There are different kinds of Human resources certification programs available. Some involve regular classroom training, while others can be done online. For working professionals, online programs are the best option, as it can be done at your convenience without having to take leave from work.

Main Functions of HR

When you take up a course on HR, once you are introduced to the concepts of HR, you would then learn the various functions of HR. The primary role of HR is, of course, ensuring you have the right human resources to run your organization efficiently and achieve goals. Various HR functions are carried out in an organization. You would study them in detail when you do an online HR course. These functions are:

1) Recruitment

Recruitment involves finding the right people for the right job and ensuring they are available on time. Whenever there is a vacancy, the HR department would need to recruit people who are competent to fill that vacancy. Finding the right person involves having to screen through resumes sent by candidates to shortlist a few people. They would then need to be tested to assess their skills. Multiple rounds of interviews may need to be conducted to filter out candidates until the best candidate is found. All this is the responsibility of the HR function in an organization.

2) Training and Development

Once human resources come aboard an organization, they need to be trained, and their skills developed. Based on a training needs assessment, the HR function should plan and conduct training for all employees. This includes the initial orientation training for new employees. As technology and work processes change, employees need to be trained to upgrade their skills. These training programs can even be delivered online to ensure convenience.

3) Compensation Management

Employee work in an organization for a salary and to progress in their career. This is, again, the responsibility of HR. The HR function needs to devise compensation and benefits system so that the qualification, skills, and experience of employees are rewarded. Performance appraisal, promotions, pay hikes, transfers are all related aspects that need to be managed effectively by HR. If this function were not done correctly, an employee would be demotivated and quit. Hence, this gets a lot of importance.

5) Ensure a Safe Workplace

The HR department is responsible for ensuring compliance with the law, including safety. The work environment must be safe and conducive for employees. The HR department must take strong actions for sexual harassment prevention and bring out policies and procedures to improve the workplace environment.

6) Ensure Compliance with Laws

There are many laws related to employees. This includes employee insurance, pension benefits, professional tax, and so on. The HR department needs to coordinate with the accounts team to ensure compliance, filing of returns, and other procedures.

7) Good Employer-Employee Relations

For an organization to succeed, the employees must be committed. This would happen if they were happy and motivated. Ensuring good relations between employer and employees by engaging with employees and keeping them satisfied is another critical HR function.

Online Certification in HR

Now that you have understood the role of HR in an organization, you can study these concepts in depth along with their practical applications by doing a course. Human resources online training would help you acquire skills in HR useful for your career. These programs would help you acquire a qualification that adds value to your resume. Such programs allow you to understand the practical application of HR in organizations. Doing these programs online can be very convenient for you.

One of the best online training providers for HR certifications is Coggno.com. This online training provider offers more than 10,000 online programs in different domains. They can provide specific training solutions for companies. They have a wide range of HR certification programs offered online. Some of the popular ones are:

1)    Essential HR

2)    HR Compliance Training

3)    Interviewing Skills for Managers

4)    Employee Discipline Course

5)    Affirmative Action for Talent Acquisition

You can browse through the various online training courses that they offer and complete one of your choices to get a valuable certification.

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