Video News: An Example for LMS Courseware Developers


Video News: An Example for LMS Courseware Developers

Like many LMS students around the globe, the first thing I do in the morning is to brew a pot of coffee and read the news. But when I say “read the news,” I actually refer to skimming the headlines, reading the biggest two or three stories, than watching video news.

Video news, in my opinion, is the journalistic medium of the future. LMS courseware developers could learn something from this trend. LMS students want to be transported somewhere, to be stimulated and taken up in the information. Short, interesting videos can provide this sensation.

With video news, I can go to China or Israel for ten minutes and hear from politicians, see a protest in snowy London, before jumping over to Australia to see the fire relief efforts. Video news pieces are often short, between five and 15 minutes, but can convey a powerful visual and audio story that regular news cannot.

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