VoIP LMS UsesVoIP gateways and IP audio-video conferences are features that more and more organizations are integrating with their LMSs. Along with free recording and delivery of instructional material, VoIP gateways can provide other functions to companies, schools and other organizations using an LMS. VoIP gateways can provide connection with your existing phone and fax machines, through regular telephone networks, PBXs, and key systems. The potential of VoIP is comparable to that of email. VoIP software offers cost-effective business communication. Some offer possibilities of multiple-person conference calls. Many VoIP providers include unique features as well, like SkypeFind, a business directory for listing and reviewing businesses. Businesses and schools looking to enhance communication between trainers and trainees, teachers and students, and its LMS users in general should consider applying a VoIP gateway to their system. ———- Coggno.com offers high-quality e-learning.

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