Web 2.0 Learning System Safety for Youngsters, Pt. 1


Web 2.0 Learning System Safety for Youngsters, Pt. 1

Coggno Inc. | Feb, 26 2009

Although many schools and districts continue to prohibit the use of Web 2.0 technologies like social networking sites, podcasts and wikis, more educators are coming to embrace them. In fact, the use of collaborative technologies is now included in many IT learning systems for educators, such as ITQ Learning & Skills, which is emerging in the UK as the IT qualification for practitioners in the Learning & Skills sector.

However, it’s often not easy to include these technologies sites in a learning system designed for young adults and children.

At the end of a YouTube video, for example, an invitation appears to go to the next slide or video. Despite classroom rules about drifting off-course, kids will be kids. And this truth creates the potential for Web 2.0 technologies to become inappropriate or dangerous in an LMS or face-to-face learning system, and also a potential source of litigation against educators.


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