Why your company needs more leaders in every department

company needs more leaders

Why your company needs more leaders in every department

Erica Caramol | Aug, 2 2016

We are born leaders in our own right. It doesn’t matter what position we hold, what department we belong to, and how big the circle of influence is. As long as we influence and steer others toward the direction of the company, then we are considered as leaders.

No organization will be successful without leaders. More often than not, people leave companies not due to salary-related complaints, but because of failures in leadership. No matter how exceptional the product is, if the leaders are run of the mill, an organization will fail in the end.

On the other hand, an ordinary product with exceptional leaders is bound to be successful in the long run. You see, there is a thin line between success and failure in business and it all lies in the kind of leaders the company has.

Absence of leaders invites confusion and misunderstandings. Not having predetermined goals, the department can suffer from frequent failures. With members of the team clueless as to where they are headed and how they will get there, the overall performance will eventually deteriorate.

On the contrary, good leaders hold great influence over the team and can create powerful components in the group. Besides planning and progress, leaders in your department can ensure smooth functioning of all the work affairs. Coordination with members of the other department can then be handled more efficiently, ensuring success on all fronts. With this, let us look at the advantages and benefits of having leaders in every department.

Enrich team relationship

Leaders are known to motivate the team even in the most difficult situations. Employees sometimes need to know that they have someone to run to when the timeline is too tight or the issue is too tough to resolve at their level. Since motivated employees work better with others, conflict in the team is minimized, thus enriching the relationship among team members. This can ultimately save the team from letdowns and promote teamwork, leading to more positive results.

Increase employee involvement

Successful leaders know how to provide constructive feedback. Leadership training focuses on this skill to keep employees highly engaged in their roles. When we have an idea of how well we are developing in our roles, we tend to perform better than when we don’t know our value.

Improve efficiency

Part of leadership requires understanding the emotional characteristics of the team members. It is critical trait that contributes to the success of the team. A leader who empathizes with and knows how to embody the sentiments of the team generally promotes efficiency and productivity.

Retention of valued employees

Contrary to popular belief, the most common reason for leaving a job is not because of salary protest. Studies say that half of us quit our jobs because of bad leaders. On the other hand, those of us who find our leaders to be approachable and accommodating are more engaged in our jobs regardless of the remuneration. Therefore, leaders have a significant impact on employee retention.

Foster future leaders

When valued employees are retained, it gives the company an opportunity to foster future leaders of the company. Since retained employees have more experience and have mastered their skills in the company, the value is increased in a sense that knowledge and proficiencies can be put to good use to achieve the company’s goals. It is then the job of leaders to train future leaders by being good examples of what true leaders should be.

Influence better decisions

Better decisions are achieved by good leadership training. When leaders have high emotional intelligence, the decisions are not based solely on theory but also on practicality. Both must be considered all the time to reach a balanced, well-assessed decision.


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