Words of Wisdom From a Talented Problem-Solver


Words of Wisdom From a Talented Problem-Solver

Tod Browndorf | Jul, 28 2014


This week, our questionnaire was given to Steven Leconte, a talented course-creator who specializes in helping people learn, and effectively utilize some of the most popular Web design tools and programs.

Since blogging and other forms of online content creation have exploded, Steven has created many online training courses to help businesses and individuals master tools like WordPress and HTML, along with teaching us how to effectively use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to the their fullest potential. Thousands of people the world over have benefited from Steven’s expertise, so we thought we should get to know him a little better.

Here is our Q&A< with Steven:

1. Tell us a little about your background.

My background is in computer programming, problem solving skills, sales and marketing. I’ve been able to apply these skills to jobs in the public service sector, as well as in web development for start-ups and established businesses.

2. When did you begin conceptualizing, creating, and teaching your courses?

Since I’m a results-oriented person, I love creating practical material for people who like to take action. Since most of what I teach has to do with a tool or a concept that I’ve used or recommended to businesses, I can come up with courses pretty quickly. It is quite a challenge to figure out exactly when I started conceptualizing or creating my courses because I’m always learning new things and packaging bits and pieces to create material that can be used in a course, webinar or live presentation.

3. How did you first hear about online training?

A couple of years ago I noticed that people around me kept asking me to teach them stuff. We would schedule some time together to attempt to tackle personal or a business issues. At first it wasn’t too bad because I didn’t teach a lot of people, but then things really started to get busy and I felt frustrated because I couldn’t deliver. To improve things a bit I started creating some Youtube videos. I did these video just so I could send them to people as questions would arise. I didn’t really promote them or anything and all the sudden I realized that one of my videos had over 40,000 views.

When that happened people I didn’t know started contacting me, ask me to create some more videos. Eventually I started looking at options to package multiple videos in courses, instead of just creating random videos based on people’s comments.

I started by creating courses about topics that interest me, such as Twitter, HTML and Facebook Ads, and have since gone on to teach multiple topics to people around the world.

In the last few years, I’ve taught over 2,500 students online, which would have been very difficult to do face to face.

4. What prompted you to begin writing your WordPress, LinkedIn, and Mailchimp online training courses?

Most of my courses are created as a result of me attempting to solve a problem in my life, or based on what I learn while solving problems for individuals or companies that ask me to create courses for them. WordPress, LinkedIn and Mailchimp are tools that I use myself and consult on. I’ve watched these tools help others achieve results, but I’ve also witnessed a lot of frustration on the part of individuals who weren’t very knowledgeable. As a result, I decided to do my part by packaging and sharing my knowledge.

5. What are your thoughts on the value of your courses – WordPress, LinkedIn, and Mailchimp – to the general public?

With WordPress anyone can start a website or a blog today and manage it like a professional using some of the techniques that I cover in my course. 

Mailchimp is great for people who want to capitalize on the traffic that they receive from their website. Without a way to capture emails from website visitors, it is impossible to keep in touch with your prospects. Web-based software like Mailchimp provides you with the ability to take advantage of Email marketing quite easily. 

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for professionals to network. When I first started using it I didn’t think much of it but I made some great connections and I’ve seen some of my students get some amazing results, connections and opportunities by using it actively. Connect with me using my LinkedIn profile, and I’d be happy to stay in touch with you. 

7. Do you plan to add more online training courses to your current library of courses?

I do plan on adding a course on LinkedIn in September, and I’m always open to creating courses based on demand. By consulting with businesses, I get to learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t in many different industries. I’m happy to share what I can with the Coggno online training community.

8. How did Coggno help you publish your courses online and make it available to the general public?

I love the staff at Coggno. They made it easy for me to get started on the online training platform. Sometimes it takes a while to learn a new platform and they were very patient with me and really took the time to make sure that I would feel at home here. 

Want to Know More?

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