Your Courseware System and a Frothy Cup of Joe


Your Courseware System and a Frothy Cup of Joe

Your Courseware System and a Frothy Cup of JoeIf you’re a student using an online courseware system, you may not want to limit your study space to your office or den. You might enjoy sitting in a Starbucks with your laptop and inhaling chai tea lattes while poring over your courseware system homework.

Although you shouldn’t expect all internet access to be free, you can expect some coffee shops, hotels and other businesses to offer both paid and free options. Many businesses are adopting wi-fi compromises, offering free services for something in return, like signing up for a loyalty program. Whereas before in Starbucks, for example, customers had to pay for internet service, now it provides two hours a day of free wi-fi to Starbucks card holders, and unlimited access to AT&T’s broadband customers and Starbucks employees. But if you’re not eligible for any of those, plan on dishing out $3.99 to accompany your courseware system material with a caramel hot chocolate.

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