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sexual harassment prevention in california

We are dedicated to make workplaces better. Coggno provides a number of training courses on preventing sexual harassment and abusive conduct in the workplace that satisfy California's legal training requqirements. Reduce the risk of lawsuits, agency charges and penalties, and other fallout. Buy a subscription and deploy on our LMS ot Yours.


harassment in california - the protected groups course

This course includes training on all the protected groups in California like religion and gender identity. Specific situations that would be considered harassment or discrimination is also described in this training.

prevention of sexual harassment for employees in california course

This brief course is designed to help employees learn how to recognize, respond, prevent and remove sexual harassment in a work setting.

sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention for managers course

This course provides practical examples designed to raise management awareness of the potential employee issues and the legal liabilities associated with such conduct.

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