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CBT Therapy Course

CBT Therapy Course

Author: Renaissance Life Therapies

Category: Online Counseling Training > Personal Counseling

This CBT therapy training course is brought to you by the online Training Academy of Renaissance Life Therapies. Whether you are new to CBT therapy or have been practising it for some time, our CBT therapy training course is designed so that everyone can benefit, and make significant changes to...

Keywords: CBT Therapy Course, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Course, CBT Therapist, Online CBT Course, Online CBT Training

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Table of Contents:

Section 1: Introduction

Course Outline
Who Is This Course Intended For
Meet Your Course Instructor
What You Can Expect From This Course
Why You Should Take This Course
Course Objectives

Section 2: Covering The Basics Of CBT

What Is CBT
Who Uses CBT
CBT For Children
CBT In The Workplace
CBT For Relationship Issues
The Principles Of CBT
From Triangle To Table

Section 3: Anxiety
Anxiety Lecture
Anxiety Exercise
Anxiety Conclusion
Anxiety Coping Cards

Section 4: Let’s Do CBT
Negative Cycles
Negative Cycle Of Depression: Sarah
Negative Cycle Of Anxiety: Katryna
Clarification Of Thoughts & Feelings
Let’s Do CBT Exercise

Section 5: Identifying Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours

Metaphors: Metaphorical Thinking
Metaphors: The Kitchen Cabinet
Be Creative
Examples Of Creative Diaries
Case Study – Alexandra Identifies Anger
Case Study – Terrance & OCD Triggers

Section 6: Understanding Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours
Understanding Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours
Negative Automatic Thoughts
Negative Automatic Thought Diary
Thinking Traps & Balanced Alternatives
Case Study – Geraldine
Case Study - Robert

Section 7: Making Changes
Challenging Our Thoughts
Making Changes: Behaviours

Section 8: It’s All About You
Practise! Practise! Practise!
Be Prepared
What Now
It’s All About You
Colouring-In For Adults

Hardware and Software Requirements:

This course is best viewed on Google Chrome 17 or later, Safari 5.1 or later, Internet Explorer 9 or later, Opera and cannot be viewed on Firefox.

Included Modules:
  • CBT Therapy Course Section One

    CBT Therapy Course Section One Section 1. Introduction In the first section, we look at the course outline as well as the course objectives. We meet the course instructor and gain a deeper understanding of what we can expect to gain from the course.

  • CBT Therapy Course Section Two

    CBT Therapy Course Section Two In this section we cover the basics of CBT. We discover what CBT is and who uses it. With the use of examples, we learn how children can benefit from CBT as well as seeing how it can be used in the home to resolve conflict between family members. Next we have a look at how effective CBT is ... more

  • CBT Therapy Course Section Three

    CBT Therapy Course Section Three Section three is all about anxiety. We learn what anxiety is and how if affects us. We also explore how experiencing a certain level of anxiety is a good thing, and can actually help to keep us safe. With the use of examples, we start to see how too much anxiety can affect us in a negative way... more

  • CBT Therapy Course Section Four

    CBT Therapy Course Section Four We begin by taking a closer look at negative cycles. With the use of examples, we further explore the subject of negative cycles surrounding anxiety, as well as anger and depression. We move onto the clarification table, which helps us to identify a thought from a feeling. This is very importa... more

  • CBT Therapy Course Section Five

    CBT Therapy Course Section Five In this section we learn about metaphors and metaphorical thinking, and more importantly, how it can be useful when trying to describe how it is we are feeling. With the help of examples we are introduced to creative diaries, and how they can be developed to make them personal to us. Creative ... more

  • CBT Therapy Course Section Six

    CBT Therapy Course Section Six We progress through the course by looking at how our thoughts feelings and behaviours impact on each other. With the use of case studies, we look at automatic negative thoughts and how they affect how we feel and ultimately how we behave (our actions). We are introduced to the negative auto... more

  • CBT Therapy Course Section Seven

    CBT Therapy Course Section Seven As the title suggests, this section is all about making changes and challenging our thoughts. We put in practise what we've learned so far and with the help of the newly learned techniques, we can effectively challenge negative thoughts feelings and behaviours whilst making profound changes, a... more

  • CBT Therapy Course Section Eight

    CBT Therapy Course Section Eight This final section covers the importance of continued practise and we look at ways in which we can easily integrate the principles of CBT into part of our everyday life. We've included downloadable resources that are small enough to fit in your wallet, meaning that you need never be without th... more

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  • Triangle To Table Diary

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  • The Principles of CBT

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  • Coping Cards 1

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  • Coping Cards 2

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  • Coping Cards 3

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  • Diary

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  • Emotional Feelings

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  • Emotional Wheel

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  • Physical Feelings

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  • Questions For Anxiety Exercise

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  • Diary 1

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  • Diary 2

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  • Questions To Aid Exercise

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  • Dairy Section 5

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  • Document 1

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  • Document 2

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  • Document 3

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  • Document 4

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  • Document 5

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  • Document 6

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  • Document 7

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  • Document 8

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  • Document 9

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  • Document 10

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  • Document 11

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  • Document 12

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  • Document 13

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  • Handy Stuff 2

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  • Mood Dairy

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  • Examples Of Creative Dairies

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  • My Negative Automatic Thought Dairy

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  • Questions For Automatic Thought Dairy

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  • Challenging Our Thoughts

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  • Negative Thinking Bubbles

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  • Questions For Challenging Our Thoughts

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  • Questions 1 Making Changes

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  • Questions 2 Making Changes

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  • Questions 3 Making Changes

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  • Mandala 1

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  • Mandala 2

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  • Mandala 3

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  • Mandala 4

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  • Mandala 5

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