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Fire Safety Continuing Education-1.5 Hours

Fire Safety Continuing Education-1.5 Hours

Author: MedLiving Academy

Category: Online Health Training > CBRF

This course is geared towards employees who work in an assisted living facility. According to WI State Regulations, those that work in an AFH, are required to obtain 8 hours of continuing education and CBRF employees are required to obtain 15 hours of continuing education a year. For further deta...

Keywords: CBRF, Assisted Living Training, Group Home, continuing education, AFH

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Table of Contents:

1)CBRF Fire Safety Slides To Print
2)CBRF Fire Safety Continuing Education Presentation
3)Fire Safety Video
4)Fire Extinguisher PASS Video
5)Fire Safety Quiz


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Laninka Colbert-Taylor Laninka Colbert-Taylor said:

Thanks for this class, I enjoyed it!

posted about 2 years ago
Fredrick G. Woods Fredrick G. Woods said:
posted almost 4 years ago
Included Modules:
  • Fire Safety Guide

    Fire Safety Guide Please Print this handout and use to take notes and follow along with the presentation

  • Fire Safety Course Presentation

    Fire Safety Course Presentation

  • Using a Fire Extinguisher

    Using a Fire Extinguisher This video will explain the correct way to use a fire extinguisher using PASS.

  • The Power Of Fire

    The Power Of Fire This video will give the viewer a clear perspective on just how fast a fire spreads.

  • Fire Safety Quiz

    Fire Safety Quiz Please take your time to review the course material as many times as you would like, before taking the quiz. All students must achieve a 80% or higher, in order to pass the course and receive your certificate.