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HIPAA for Business Assoicates

HIPAA for Business Assoicates

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This course is designed to provide a comprehensive look at HIPAA legislation and address its application within a dental office setting. To ensure the privacy of protected health information, avoid potential civil and criminal penalties and aid preparedness for potential HHS audits, it is imperat...

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Table of Contents:

HIPAA for Dental Offices
Legal Notice
Purpose of Course
Introduction to HIPAA
What is Portability?
What is Accountability?
HITECH Act and Omnibus Final Rule
Who Must Abide by HIPAA Rules?
Covered Entities
Business Associates
Expanded Definition of Business Associates
Business Associates Agreements
Things to Consider within a Dental Practice
HIPAA Privacy Rule
Permitted Use and Disclosure of PHI
Authorized Uses and Disclosures Under the Privacy Rule
Incidental Use and Disclosure of PHI
“Minimum Necessary” Principal
Notice of Privacy Practices
Individual Access of Protected Health Information
More Individual Rights Under Privacy Rule
Administrative Requirements for Privacy Rule Compliance
State Law and the Privacy Rule
Personal Representatives and Minors Under the Privacy Rule
Privacy Rule and Decedents
Privacy Considerations within the Dental Office
HIPAA Security Rule
What Security Measures Must be Used?
Administrative Safeguards
Physical Safeguards
Technical Safeguards
Privacy and Security for Mobile Devices
Security Considerations within the Dental Office
Transaction and Code Set Standards
Unique Identifiers Rule
HIPAA Breach Notification Rule
Breach Notification and Risk Assessment
Breach Notification Rule – Exceptions
Breach Notification Rule and Unsecured PHI
Breach Notification Requirements – Media
Breach Notification Requirements – Individual
Breach Notification Requirements – Secretary
Burden of Proof for Breach Notification
HIPAA Enforcement Rule
Enforcement Rule and Civil Money Penalties
Defenses and Waivers for CMP
Recent Updates to HIPAA – Opioid Crisis
Recent Updates to HIPAA – Cloud Computing
Real Life Examples
End of Course Exam