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Basic BSA/AML Compliance E-Course

Basic BSA/AML Compliance E-Course

Author: BSA Compliance, LLC

Category: Online Legal/Law Training > Corporate Compliance

Updated 2012 Basic BSA and Anti-Money Laundering Course specific to Money Service Businesses (MSB) and their agents (who do business in the USA). This course lasts under an hour (including testing), and a certificate is created automatically and sent to your email upon sstisfactorily completing...

Keywords: BSA AML compliance money laundering OFA

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Table of Contents:

The Need for Training and Compliance
The Risk Based Strategy
Basic AML Concepts
Legal Framework for AML Programs
Required Records and Reports
Handling Uncomfortable Situations
General Information and Links


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Sharon Borghese Sharon Borghese said:

The moderator speaks extremely slowly. There are many spelling errors and some words in the test questions were shapes &symbols and you had to guess what the word was and what the sentence meant. Overall this presentation and slide show was C-

posted 4 months ago
Horton Nehleber Horton Nehleber said:
posted 9 months ago
Included Modules:
  • Part 1, Basic AML/BSA Training

    Part 1, Basic AML/BSA Training

  • Part 2, Basic AML/BSA Training

    Part 2, Basic AML/BSA Training

  • Basic BSA/AML Compliance Quiz

    Basic BSA/AML Compliance Quiz

  • Icon-pdf
  • Chapter X extract for MSBs

    Extracted MSB specific regulations that correspond to the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)"Chapter X" approved in 2011. Please note that the complete Chapter X document is available for free download from the FinCEN website.

  • 219.89 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • BSA Compliance Training and Services

    The BSA Compliance team is happy to help you fulfill your AML compliance needs.