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Post-Sales Activities Training Set

Post-Sales Activities Training Set

Author: SalesBasix

Category: Online Marketing/Sales Training > Sales Training

INCLUDES 2 FULL COURSES   For high-performing sales professionals, the sales process doesn’t end with closing the sale. There is still work to be done! Now is the time to engage in your Post-Sales Activities. This Training Set will walk you through two key elements of your Post-Sale Acti...

Keywords: Post Sales, training, Activities

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Table of Contents:


* Case studies and testimonials
* Obtaining referrals

Included Courses:
case-studies-and-testimonials-course Case Studies and Testimonials Course

This module will take about 25 minutes to complete. Most sales organizations do a poor job effectively using case studies and testimonials to support their efforts. To the extent you obtain and use these tools correctly, your close ratios will increase exponentially. In this lessen we cover th... more

$75.00 $19.95
obtaining-referrals-course Obtaining Referrals Course

This module will take about 30 minutes to complete. Referrals (both internal and external) are crucial to a sales person's success. Internal referrals help ensure you know all the decision makers, the decision-making process and buying criteria for opportunities in process. External referrals ... more

$75.00 $19.95