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Intermediate Community Policing

Intermediate Community Policing

Author: Indian Country Training Institute

Category: Online Safety Training > Other

This course helps tribal police departments by building awareness. The five-part course introduces the social developmental skill building required for tribal communities to investigate domestic violence, identify drug and alcohol use and abuse, deter Internet predators, and engage in proactive p...

Keywords: tribal police, Native American, Indian Country, law enforcement, community policing, prevention, abuse

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Table of Contents:

The five units of this course include:
1. Domestic Violence
2. Drug ID and Paraphernalia
3. Effective Patrol Operations
4. Internet Safety
5. Use of Force

Please allow at least one hour to complete each unit. You may leave the course at any time. When you log in again, you will have the option to resume where you left off.

Included Modules:
  • Internet Safety

    Internet Safety This course is designed to acquaint participants with the dangers related to internet use by children and teens. In addition, simple suggestions are offered to assist in protecting young internet users. Equipped with this information, the participant will be better prepared to assist young pe... more

  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence The focus of this course is to assist officers in their investigation of domestic violence incidents by •Defining domestic violence •Discussing elements within the scope of domestic violence •Defining the primary aggressor •Detailing the officer’s roles and responsibilities •Discus... more

  • Use of Force

    Use of Force This course is designed to provide relevant information regarding the proper use of force. This course examines and presents the four points of preparing for a use of force situation, will briefly describe the Use of Force Continuum, contributing factors to the use of force, subject actions and... more

  • Effective Patrol Operations for Tribal Law Enforcement

    Effective Patrol Operations for Tribal Law Enforcement This course introduces the topic of police operations and examines police patrol operations, responding to 911 calls, other calls for service, allocation of resources, alternative crime prevention strategies, traffic operations, and other police operational units.

  • Drug Identification and Paraphernalia - Module

    Drug Identification and Paraphernalia - Module This course is designed to provide an overview of the most popular types of drugs encountered by law enforcement officers. Participants will view drug images, their methods of use, their effects and various types of paraphernalia common to drug abuse.