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Author: FASC

Category: Online Safety Training > Workplace Safety

OSHA calls the '90's the Decade of Ergonomics. Topics covered include workplace corrections to reduce both employee injuries and workers' compensation claims. Improving your employee safety and productivity is easily accomplished.

Keywords: workplace safety

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David Patton David Patton said:

Very informative and insightful as to possible causes of these issues, which effect the long term health of our employees.

posted over 2 years ago
Matt Jeffs DPT CHC CEAS Matt Jeffs DPT CHC CEAS said:

The content of the course was very good.

Yet, due to flawed formatting, all modules ran together uninterrupted. There was no opportunity given at the end of each module to stop before moving to the next module started. This allowed the flawed formatting to NOT register the completed module.

After the test was taken (successfully), Coggno did not offer the paid and earned certificate for the course. When informed of this Coggno has yet to provide the earned certificate.

This delivery model is flawed, as is Coggno's customer service inefficiency and ineffectiveness, given that the source of the problem was pointed out to them.

Searching out another online provider of these services is advised.

Matt Jeffs DPT

Workforce Education Director

First Coast Manufacturers Association

posted over 3 years ago
Included Modules:
  • Ergonomics


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