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Cyber Awarenss Training

Cyber Awarenss Training

Author: HIPAAExams

Category: Online Security Training > Information Security

Our New Cyber Awareness Training is an interactive online learning course that will help you in identifying and avoiding the most common types of Cyberattacks. We will introduce you to the Most Wanted Cyber Criminals and arm you with best practices to avoid them and their attacks!

Keywords: Cyber Awareness, cyber security, System Security, Cyberattacks, online security

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Table of Contents:

At the end of this self-study, educational module, the learner should be able to:

Define Cybersecurity
Identify the nine main types of Cyberattacks including:
Data Breach
Identity Theft
Social Engineering
Network Intrusion
Describe various facts about each of the nine types of Cyberattacks
Describe best practices for preventing and managing a Cyberattack