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Social Media Marketing Bundle

Social Media Marketing Bundle

Author: Online Marketing Kits

Category: Online Social Media Training > Social Media

This social media marketing bundle includes four courses: 1. Modern Facebook Marketing Course Modern Video Marketing Course 3. Modern Instagram Marketing Course 4. Modern Email Marketing and Segmentation Course Great value. Sold seperately for $49.99 each.    

Keywords: facebook, facebook marketing, social media marketing, marketing, Instagram, Tnstagram marketing, video marketing, Email Marketing

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  • There are a lot of ideas about social media marketing. Maybe you spend a lot of time, effort and money only to end up with a whole lot of nothing. With this video course bundle you can find the right way to do Effective Social Media Marketing.

Included Courses:
modern-email-marketing-and-segmentation-course-1 Modern Email Marketing and Segmentation Course

With this 10-part video course you will discover how to stay in control of your access to your audience. You are going to learn how to get into e-mail marketing and enjoy the amazing passive income it can produce for you. Videos will show you the process of putting up a modern e-mail list - on... more

modern-facebook-marketing-course-1 Modern Facebook Marketing Course

Facebook is a massive traffic monster. Once people log into Facebook, the system basically keeps tight surveillance on them. Every like, comment, share, as well as page that you liked and even ads that you clicked, will be monitored by Facebook. Facebook can make educated guesses as to what... more

modern-instagram-marketing-course-1 Modern Instagram Marketing Course

If you are selling any kind of merchandise, Instagram should be part of your marketing strategy. There are no two ways about it. You are leaving a lot of money on the table if you skip Instagram. 500 million Instagram app users access Instagram every single day.   It's easy to get exc... more

modern-video-marketing-course-1 Modern Video Marketing Course

It's about time for you to learn the in's and outs of successful online video marketing! Regardless of what you've heard, video marketing as a whole is not exactly a new phenomenon. Video marketing content is increasingly plugged into a larger marketing infrastructure.  Thanks to four major... more