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Customer Service Basics

Author: Vado Inc.

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Individuals build the skills required to deliver excellent customer service and build customer loyalty. Customer Service Learning Track: Customer Service Basics, Customer Service Management

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Included Modules:
  • Building Customer Rapport

    Building Customer Rapport No matter what product or service you may offer, our role in the company is to support and serve our customers, and one of the best ways to deliver excellent customer service is by building relationships with our customers. In this course you will learn what creates great rapport with others,... more

  • Listening to Your Customers

    Listening to Your Customers Communication is an essential skill for anyone to have, and listening is an essential component of communication. When we listen well to others, we hear what was said and get key information. We show the person that he or she is valuable, and that what the person has to say is important. Of cours... more

  • Developing Your Customer Focus

    Developing Your Customer Focus The experience a customer has when interacting with you makes a difference. When you interact with a customer, you represent not only yourself, but also the company and it’s products or services. The experience the person has with you, in large part, helps shape the opinion the customer has about... more

  • Customer Service Over the Phone

    Customer Service Over the Phone Great customer phone support has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and long-term customer retention. Customer service representatives who implement what’s required to promote a positive brand image and exceed customer expectations, experience greater professional success within the compa... more

  • Internal Customer Service

    Internal Customer Service Providing good customer service is not only important for external customers, but for internal co-workers as well. It is certainly true that a huge factor in being able to deliver outstanding external customer service is great internal customer service. This is because everyone within your organi... more

  • Serving Customers in the Field

    Serving Customers in the Field Positive interactions with customers in the field lead to customer referrals, and thus an increase in revenue, as well as a great company brand. When customers have negative field service experiences it significantly impacts the company’s perception and can lead to the loss of customers and reven... more

  • Customer Service Confrontation and Conflict

    Customer Service Confrontation and Conflict In business, conflict is inevitable. However, if mismanaged or ignored, conflict can become bad for business. If you don’t adequately address and resolve conflict with customers, it can negatively impact customer retention, loyalty and brand awareness. So, how do you handle angry and confrontatio... more

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