10 Issues in a Learning System: 7) Context, Pt. 2


10 Issues in a Learning System: 7) Context, Pt. 2

Learning System Context2One way a learning system can help learners access information stored in the brain is the use of background stimuli. When learning, we integrate learning messages and background stimuli in our memories. This causes our memories to be prompted when we think about the background information in a performance situation.

A helpful learning system strategy is to provide a learning situation which includes background stimuli that will be repeated during performance. Research shows that auditory and visual stimuli help us recall associated learning messages. If learners listen to a certain classical musician’s work during a learning situation, they will probably recall that same information and perform better when the same music is played during the performance context. Solution: bridge learning and performance contexts in learning systems, using strategies such as simulations of on-the-job situations.

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