A Brief Conflict Management Learning System, Pt. 1


A Brief Conflict Management Learning System, Pt. 1

When I was a kid, I became briefly involved in a conflict resolution learning system. I signed up to be a “Conflict Manager.” This meant I got to wear a bright orange badge, and walk around the playground at recess looking for trouble.

If I saw kids fighting, I was supposed to write down the date, their names and the nature of the conflict, and ask if there was some way we could find a solution. I’d had a half hour of conflict resolution training, a crash course learning system operated out of the school faculty room, and felt ready to put an end to unresolved playground disputes.

After a few recess duties of monitoring the playground, I realized it wasn’t as easy as one might think to spot conflicts. The half hour-long learning system meant to prepare me hadn’t quite cut it.


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