A TeacherTube Contest for a Learning System Makeover


A TeacherTube Contest for a Learning System Makeover

TeacherTube also features fun activities such as classroom makeover contests. While browsing TeacherTube in September 2007, first-grade teacher Richard Colosi read about such a contest celebrating the use of technology in classroom learning systems. The prize for best video was a makeover for his first-grade classroom at Canandaigua Primary School.

The video, “Ain’t Gonna Hold Us Back (D-I-G-I-T-A-L)” begins with a young girl’s voice asking: “Did you know that studies have shown that girls are give times less likely than boys to consider a technology-related career?” and proceeds with catchy lyrics about the ways in which technology has enhanced their first grade learning system.

The $15,000 Interwrite prize for Colosi’s class included an interactive white board, a wireless teacher slate tablet, audio equipment, $1,000 cash and a peer response system–clickers for students to press to indicate an answer. Not too shabby.


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