Audio and Visual Stimuli in Your LMS


Audio and Visual Stimuli in Your LMS

Audio and Visual Stimuli in Your LMSEver taken a tour in a foreign country, city, or museum? Tours are an often underestimated way of gaining information. Whether it’s your first, second or tenth visit to a place, a tour introduces you to or reinforces your knowledge of a range of important information, using audio and visual stimuli.

The same holds true with the use of videos. Want to make your LMS as engaging and enjoyable as possible? One of Coggno’s most powerful instruments is the video tool. It’s a sure-fire way to make your LMS interactive and memorable for your users. And whether you’re new to or have experience with Coggno, you might consider taking a video tool tour to see just how simple uploading your video can be. Log on to and tour the video tool grounds to enrich your LMS experience.

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