Building Momentum and Fighting Procrastination in an LMS Course, Pt. 1


Building Momentum and Fighting Procrastination in an LMS Course, Pt. 1

Coggno Inc. | Feb, 4 2009

One pitfall for many LMS students is the tendency to procrastinate. Many LMS courses and online courseware systems allow you to work through the course material at your own speed. This can work either to your advantage or tragic disadvantage, depending on your study habits and susceptibility to procrastination.

To overcome procrastination in an LMS course, the first step is to get started at this very moment on whatever work you have in front of you. Breaking the ice on a put-off assignment is the key to overcoming a dangerous bout of task procrastination.

Setting small, reachable goals is also essential. Otherwise, you run the risk of making your work easier to put off, by building a mental wall around it. The higher and thicker the wall becomes, the more unlikely it will be for you to break through it.

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