Capturing your Audience with LMS Videos


Capturing your Audience with LMS Videos

It’s a tattered cliché I’m guilty of using–“A picture says a thousand words.” But it’s true. Combine a picture with sound and movement, and the words start to add up. When we watch videos, we’re taking in endless details and information. While television becomes more and more stuffed with images and sounds, we’ve become more passive watchers. As video content becomes more gaudy and loud, our defense is to tune out a bit, to avoid mental overload.

One problem with implementing LMS hosted videos in a course is the potential for passive learning behavior. When students sit in front of a screen watching a demo or other LMS content, they may instinctively start to tune out a little. When creating LMS videos, it’s essential to keep in mind and respect the sensibilities of your learners, and engage without trying to dazzle.

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