Choosing Ads to Complement Website Learning Content


Choosing Ads to Complement Website Learning Content

Choosing Ads to Complement Website Learning ContentMany people create websites with the goal of earning money. One of the most obvious ways to fund your website is through advertising. But when implementing advertisements to your website, make sure the ads don’t compromise the credibility of your site and its learning content. For example, say your website offers parenting advice for young and expecting mothers. Ads for alcohol wouldn’t be appropriate here. Or maybe your website provides information on invest banking. Banners encouraging your readers to ‘Rate the Hottest Star’ are going to make it hard to take you and your learning content seriously.

So choose wisely, and when possible, implement ads that complement the learning content in your website. Flashy, dizzying banners, pop-ups, and ads that take up too much space are also best avoided.

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