Coggno Adds a Dash of Apple for a Better LMS


Coggno Adds a Dash of Apple for a Better LMS

Did you know that Coggno’s user interface and various tools are fully integrated with Apple software?

The addition of Apple Podcast Producer to our LMS allows for streamlined recording, uploading, and converting of your proprietary content into a podcast for wider and more convenient distribution. Anyone can access it remotely, obtaining optimized playback on a variety of devices, including iPods and mobile phones. Learners and educators can meet their needs anytime and anywhere with our unique e-learning business model.

Our LMS’s e-learning applications also comprise iReader. This tool grants authors the ability to upload Microsoft Office documents onto the Coggno LMS straight from your desktop. Your content library can be populated instantly with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, and other files.

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