Coggno Announces the Expansion of Its Syndication Program for Online Training Courses


Coggno Announces the Expansion of Its Syndication Program for Online Training Courses

Erica Caramol | Mar, 17 2014

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Coggno, the premier Learning Management System (LMS) and online training marketplace, is proud to announce the significant expansion of its syndication partnership that now includes 195 chambers of commerce (COCs), as well as various professional employment organization (PEOs) and payroll companies, in 45 states across the country.  The program was initially introduced in June 2013 to give COCs the opportunity to share online training courses with its member businesses on chamber Web sites.   Each syndicate partners chooses relevant courses from Coggno’s vast online library based on the needs of its membership. Those businesses then enjoy the convenience of choosing the online training courses that will benefit their employees, paying only for the training they need when they need it, which can then be easily distributed via Coggno’s  LMS.

“I am very proud of our team for putting together this partnership and growing it as quickly and successfully as they have,” Coggno CEO Tod Browndorf said from his company’s San Jose offices. “Our goal was to get local chambers of commerce (and others) to not only realize the value of online training, but to get member businesses to reap the benefits. Now, small businesses can access cost-effective, quality online training for their employees as an additional benefit to being involved in the local community. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Coggno specializes in providing a “one-stop shop” for individuals and organizations looking to purchase online training courses needed for certification, or to advance employee knowledge in topics such as workplace diversity, sexual harassment prevention training, OSHA safety,  management and leadership and software training.  Online training offers companies a cost-effective alternative to sending employees to expensive off-site conferences, giving them the opportunity to learn at their own pace on a wide variety of electronic devices, including tablets and smart phones.

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Located in San Jose, CA, Coggno is a Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) offering thousands of online training courses in all price ranges, to organizations and individuals. Coggno is the one-stop shop for learners looking for courses, and for content creators to distribute coursework. Whether it is compliance training for multiple employees, or continuing education for individuals, Coggno has the most up-to-date selection of courses in the widest range of topics. For more information, visit


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