Coggno’s Subscription Offering: Tremendous Savings, Quality Training, Conveniently Selected and Delivered


Coggno’s Subscription Offering: Tremendous Savings, Quality Training, Conveniently Selected and Delivered

Janine Ordman | May, 10 2017

Businesses have enough on their plates without worrying about whether their employees know the things they need to in order to operate effectively in their positions. Training is, however, not something a responsible business can skimp on, since we all know that the current world of work continues to evolve rapidly – whether regulations are changing to keep with the times or whether new technologies come into play. Coggno is an established e-learning provider, expertly catering to businesses’ compliance training requirements alongside many other curriculum topics that are of interest to the modern employer and their staff. Through Coggno’s Subscription offering, we have now made it significantly more convenient and substantially more affordable to access high quality, best-in-breed training created by leading industry authors!

By subscribing to any of the pre-selected course titles (access them here), you are able to provide your employees with an entire library of relevant, quality training courses, instantly distributable via a custom branded training platform – Coggno provides the platform and you make it your own! As simple as that.

Choose from a wide range of topics in the fields of:

– Compliance
– Leadership
– Project Management
– Security Guard
– Social Media
– Soft Skills
– Workplace Safety

The greatest advantage of this offering, aside from the quality training material and unlimited access once subscribed, is its tremendous value for money. Need to train a large group of people but you’re worried about breaking the bank? Coggno allays this concern with an easy solution – the greater the number of training users per bundle, the lower the cost per individual user. This amounts to tangible savings!

How Coggno’s Subscription works:

So, let’s contextualise it with an example of one of the Coggno Training Bundles on offer: If your business has 400+ employees who require compliance Human Resources training, you can take advantage of the incredible discounts attached to Coggno’s subscription offerings by accessing our Human Resources Bundle consisting of 51 courses (you choose the 10 that are most relevant to your needs) from as little as $16.74 per user per year, thereby saving up to $185.26 per user.

Selecting the right online training courses and staying ahead of the curve has never been this easy. So, if you’re a fan of convenience, massive savings and quality learning material, check out all the subscription options we have on offer by visiting



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