Conference Training via a Learning Management System


Conference Training via a Learning Management System

Conference Training via a Learning Management SystemWith increasingly geographically dispersed teams, conference calls are a necessary evil for an organization using a learning management system. And while employees often need some tips on conference call etiquette, managers and meeting conductors may also benefit from learning management system-hosted training.

Lyndsay Swinton offers some suggestions for conducting a conference call. It’s important to start the meeting exactly on time–don’t wait for latecomers. Take a role call at the beginning of the meeting, noting those missing–a little toughness will earn you a lot of respect. Don’t let the discussion get off-topic. Treat the conference call as if it were a meeting. Prepare and circulate an agenda, take notes, etc. Finally, close the meeting formally, thanking everyone for their time.

To achieve the maximum benefits of conducting conference calls, pick up a conference call training course for managers on your  learning management system.

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