Conflict Management Learning Systems for Children and Teens


Conflict Management Learning Systems for Children and Teens

Coggno Inc. | Dec, 12 2008

There are now thousands of school-based programs in the U.S., from rural to inner-city learning systems and from kindergarten to high school. According to ERIC Digest’s Morton Inger, three-fourths of San Francisco’s public schools have conflict managers. In New Mexico, a statewide mediation program involves 30,000 students.

In NYC, more than 100 schools with about 80,000 students have a similar program. One of New York’s conflict resolution learning systems, Resolving Conflict Creatively, is a prime example of a curriculum-based program. It offers a ten-unit curriculum with lessons on intergroup relations, cooperative learning, and dispute resolution techniques.

In Chicago as well, all students experience a dispute resolution learning system in ninth or tenth grade. And in Ann Arbor, a conflict management curriculum reaches all students in the city. With all of these programs running, I believe we can hope to see less aggression and school tragedies in the U.S.

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