Content Quality Concerns in LMS Courses


Content Quality Concerns in LMS Courses

Content Quality in LMS CoursesOne dilemma in the software industry is that program designers are often masters of engineering and programming, but lacking in knowledge of psychology. The industry is driven largely by profits and the ability to offer cutting-edge technology. Even finding a user-friendly interface can be a challenge.

Courses delivered on LMSs can likewise suffer from this quandary. Some online content is extremely well-developed, created by teachers and/or consistent with concrete pedagogical perspectives, and meeting state or subject-area standards. But weak LMS-hosted content continues to prevent more effective and widespread online learning. Many commercially available LMSs were developed with corporate or post-secondary use in mind, and have only recently been adapted for younger learners.  

As companies turn their ears to the voices of their buyers, one would hope that more behavioral psychologists are finding work in the software industry.  

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