Creating Podcasts for an LMS, Pt. 2


Creating Podcasts for an LMS, Pt. 2

Creating Podcasts for an LMS, Pt. 2

Continued from the last blog are the steps for creating a podcast, whether for LMS course material, educational purposes, or just for fun. Find a comfortable, quiet spot. You’ll want to feel comfortable to speak naturally, and the less background noise, the higher quality your podcast will have.

Open your recording software, press record, and start talking! Don’t worry if there’s a little dead air or you make mistakes, cough, or if the phone rings while you’re recording. When you’re finished you’ll edit all those out. Add supplementary audio material like music to make your LMS users’ listening experiences more engaging.

Next, compress your audio file to turn it into an mp3 player. Create an RSS feed, a push technology that makes your podcast available to others. Apple’s Podcast Producer, available with Coggno’s LMS, walks you through these steps!

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